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Beachcomber Hot Tubs is the only manufacturer in the world that offers a full line of exclusive water treatment products, sold under the name Beachcomber Water Care Products. When we built our first hot tubs in 1978, it became clear that the best hot tubs in the world demanded the best water care system in the world too!


Tried and proven over the past four decades, Beachcomber Water Care Products are specially designed to be a simple and easy to use as part of a regular treatment and maintenance program. From our Care Free system to our ClearTech UV Water Care system, the result is clearer, cleaner water. Each product is conveniently colour coded for easier identification.

Using our water care system ensures a safe, relaxing and rejuvenating hot tub environment for entertaining friends and family.



To eliminate impurities and keeps the water in your hot tub fresh and clear.

To keep the mineral and pH levels in your hot tub balanced.



To protect your hot tub and keep it looking new, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Formulated to safeguard your hot tub from corrosion caused by minerals in the water – ensuring long-lasting performance.


Professional Water Testing

As a special service to our customers, we are proud to offer our complimentary monthly water testing service. We recommend you bring in a water sample every time the hot tub is balanced after refilling, or every 30 days the hot tub is in use. We also stock a full range of test kits which can be purchased for all of your testing needs.

care free products

Care Free

 Beachcomber’s unique line of products is at the forefront of revolutionary water care. Our goal is to provide our consumers with products that are easy to use and cost effective to provide perfectly balanced water at the simplest and most affordable level!

Our team is constantly working on treatment systems that take the guesswork out of water care by creating multi-functioning products that replace many traditional 
chemicals, and are specifically designed for our hot tubs.


chlorine treatment

bromine treatment

ultra SALT treatment







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