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Water Care Video Tutorials

How To Tutorials:

How to Use the Weekly Mineraluxe Water Care System.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Balancing your Hot Tub Water Care Levels.

How to Properly Clean Your  Hot Tub Filter.

How to Use the Beachcomber Care Free Water Care System.

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A sunset is never as beautiful if it’s not admired in a Beachcomber Hot Tub💦 #fypシ #fyp

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Sunday Refresh💦 #fypシ #fypviral #patioseason #hottubthings 

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Let your water sparkle! Elevate your Beachcomber hot tub experience with our top-notch filters

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Care Free is as simple as 1-2-3!😍 Maintaining my hot tub is just another part of my weekend routine and Care Free makes it so easy!

Water Care Seminars:

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Warren goes through the basics of Watercare and proper hot tub maintenance. 
This video will give you a great overview - it's a fantastic place to start.

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In this video, Warren reinforces the concepts discussed in the first video and goes through a number of questions submitted by Beachcomber Hot Tub & Patio customers.

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In this Water Care Seminar, Warren goes over the do's and dont's of winter Hot Tubbing as well as why proper water balancing and sanitizing is even more important at this time of the year. This video is full of great questions from the audience.


This video discusses the proper process surrounding your Spring Drain and Re-fill. It discusses which products to use and how to use them, so you get the very best results. 

The video finished off with a customer Q & A session! 


Warren goes through a full hot tub wet-start discussion. This video focuses on specific issues relating to owning and operating a hot tub in the Summer months.



This video is entirely a question-and-answer session. Hot Tub owners (and future owners) were given the opportunity to submit their questions in advance as well as asking some through the chat line. A great  video for general hot tub knowledge!



This video discusses Fall and Winter hot tub usage as well as tips and tricks for draining and refilling your hot tub as the weather gets colder. Questions include; how to minimize your heating costs through the winter and what to do with all that water when draining your hot tub.



With Spring on the horizon, this installment discusses proper draining, refilling, and balancing of your Hot Tub / Spa water.
As well as a customer Q&A.


Additional Videos


This video goes through a Beachcomber Wet Start.
It discusses proper hot tub placement and runs through key components of your Beachcomber Hot Tub.


Clear-Tech UVC system.


Changing or cleaning your Beachcomber MicroFilter


See how the beachcomber experts properly test their hot tub water

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