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What Is Mineraluxe?

The Mineraluxe System is a simple weekly treatment of one Mineraluxe Cube, advanced fusion of proprietary minerals, one pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen to deep cleanse bathers wastes, providing unparalelled water clarity and your choice of sanitizers. Sanitizers include Brominating Granules or Tablets, and Chlorinating Granules or Tablets. 


The Cube 

The Mineraluxe Cube is the star of the Mineraluxe system. It’s an advanced weekly mineral treatment, featuring a blend of natural minerals fused with advanced cleanse and repel technology. It will leave your hot tub squeaky clean and will dramatically reduce the scaling of heaters, jets, surfaces and equipment.



Mineraluxe Oxygen provides a deep cleanse for your customer’s hot tub. This once a week application will oxidize your water and bring it back to an ultra clean and clear state. Conveniently packaged in pre-measured 40g sachets for ease and convenience.

Choose Your Sanitizer

Chlorine granules.PNG
Chlorine granules.PNG


Bromine Tablets.PNG
Bromine Granules.PNG



Benefits to Using the Mineraluxe System:

Tailored for sensitive, dry, and irritable skin. Great if you plan to have young kids or babies splashing in the tub with you.

Super easy to use! Just one Cube and one Oxygen per week.

Amazing water clarity and the absence of problems and costly fixes taking the stress and added cost out of ownership therefore maximizing your experience.

Use less Chlorine/Bromine therefore saves you money and is less harsh on your skin!

You will never have to worry about doing a nasty pipe cleanse! The advanced weekly mineral treatment prohibits an biofilm or organic particle from sticking to the interior of your tub, making for a squeaky clean experience!


Filter Revive.PNG

Filter Revive

Filter Revive is a fast acting filter cleaner, working in less than 1 hour. Traditional filter cleaners require harsher formulations and significantly more soak time to do their job. The unique formulation allows filter cleaning to be done in a fraction of the time, making this a much easier job to perform regularly. Formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide and powerful cleansers and degreasers, for a cleaner, whiter finish.

Cleanse & Drain.PNG

Cleanse & Drain

Cleanse & Drain is designed to effectively clean hot tub plumbing by eliminating the build-up of organic waste contamination! Recommended for use prior to starting on the Mineraluxe System. Contaminants collect, grow (biofilms) and otherwise build-up in the circulation system and filter housing with poorer performing systems. Apply 24 hours prior to complete draining of the tub. Once on the Mineraluxe system, treatments of this type are generally no longer needed..


ph plus.PNG

pH Plus

An alkaline mineral of the highest quality and purity, pH Plus raises pH quickly and efficiently when low.  A balanced pH prevents corrosion and scale-formation, allows sanitizers to work more efficiently and is largely responsible for the overall comfort of the water.

ph minus.PNG

pH Minus

pH Minus lowers pH and Total Alkalinity. A fast-dissolving, highest quality granular formulation, it safely lowers levels when compared to more toxic and dangerous liquid acids.

alkalinity plus.PNG

Alkalinity Plus

A high quality alkaline mineral that raises total alkalinity levels in hot tub water.  When Total Alkalinity is balanced, corrosion of surfaces is reduced and pH is buffered effectively, making it less likely to shift. Effectively managing Total Alkalinity will enhance the performance of other chemicals by improving their efficiency, reducing their waste and the associated cost and environmental impact from that.

calcium hardness.PNG

Calcium Hardness Plus

Calcium Plus is a highly refined, calcium-rich mineral designed to raise hardness levels in hot tub water. This prevents premature deterioration of tub surfaces including synthetics and vinyl and unnecessary corrosion of equipment and metal surfaces. Calcium Hardness also plays an important role in ensuring the overall mineral balance is correct, enhancing comfort, chemical efficiency and cost of maintenance.

swim spa picture.PNG

Mineraluxe for  swim spas

swim spa mineraluxe.PNG

The ideal way to purchase the Mineraluxe System for SwimSpas. Designed to last approximately 12 weeks (3 months). The kit contains 13 Mineraluxe Cubes and 1.5 kg of  Mineraluxe SwimSpa Oxygen. Easy, weekly water care; just add the sanitizer of your choice!

Swim Spa Mineraluxe Cube

Swim Spa Oxygen

 This specially formulated Cube will leave your SwimSpa squeaky clean and will dramatically reduce the scaling of heaters, jets, surfaces and equipment.  It also dramatically improves the softness of the water, making it more comfortable and less irritating. When Mineraluxe Cubes are used weekly, other common treatment products are no longer needed (stain & scale controls, clarifiers, enzyme cleaners and other water enhancers) saving you time and money.

Mineraluxe Oxygen provides a deep cleanse oxidation treatment for your swim spa. Recommended to be used once a week on a systematic basis or immediately after heavy use, this treatment will oxidize your water and bring it back to an ultra clean and clear state. Formulated with 'active oxygen,' clarifiers and water enhancers, this product is purpose-designed for the Mineraluxe system. This pack size is perfectly suited for Swim Spa use.

pool picture.PNG

mineraluxe for pools

advance sticks.PNG

Advance Sticks

sanitizer sticks.PNG

Sanitizer Sticks

mineraluxe pool oxygen.PNG


Mineraluxe Advance Sticks are the stars of the Mineraluxe for Pool system! An advanced weekly mineral treatment, featuring a blend of natural minerals fused with our cleanse and repel technology. Imagine pool water that is crystal clear, squeaky clean and with a silky softness that you thought was only available in your hot tub. . When Advance Sticks are used weekly, other common treatment products are no longer needed (stain & scale controls, clarifiers, algicides, water enhancers, etc.) 

The preferred sanitizer for the Mineraluxe system. Sanitizer Sticks are slow dissolving, 250g cylindrical sticks. For use in skimmers, auto feeders and floaters (in smaller volumes). Each Mineraluxe Sanitizer Stick comes individually wrapped for easy, no-touch application. When used as part of the Mineraluxe system, 1 Sanitizer Stick will treat approx. 40,000 L for 1 week.

Mineraluxe Oxygen is a powerful multi-functional oxidizer designed specifically for the Mineraluxe system. Recommended to be used every 2nd week, it will cleanse and detoxify water, ensuring long-lasting clarity and comfort to the water. Its unique 'active oxygen' oxidizing formulation removes organic waste and other contaminants that cannot be removed by the filter, restoring water’s brilliant sparkle with its special blend of clarifiers and water enhancers. It also provides a gentle boost of chlorine to the water. Better yet, there’s no downtime. You can swim just 15 minutes after addition. Each 350g pouch treats 40,000 litres of pool water for 2 weeks.

Mineraluxe Pool Kit.PNG

The Mineraluxe Pool Care System replaces all stain and scale products, clarifiers, enzyme cleaners and water enhancers/softeners.

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