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You have a budget.
We have a plan to match it. 

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Tub Accessories

Everything you need for your hot tub - steps, cover lifters and more.


Water Care

Explore Beachcomber's water care products that help you keep your water sparkling.



Tips and information on installing a Beachcomber hot tub in your yard or home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Over the years we have received many questions from hot tub buyers and owners. Here are answers to the most common questions we have been asked over the years. 



Q: How often do I need to add chemicals to my hot tub?

A: One of the great services that the retail Beachcomber store offers is computer water analysis. They can quickly and accurately test a sample of your water. They can give you a simple ‘recipe’ sheet on what to add to ensure clear, clean water. Depending on the water care system you are running, follow the directions on the labels. Beachcomber Water Care offers a number of different systems, including the Care Free system. Care Free is an easy to use, once a week program with shocking as needed depending on usage. Always follow the directions on our water care product labels, they are governed and carefully worded to give you the correct information on usage. 



Q: How do I take my FlexJets out? 

A: Beachcomber’s FlexJet system lets you mix and match different massage inserts. This gives you more control over the therapy you want. They are easy to remove and replace; simply take hold of the outer FlexJet ring and twist counter clockwise. You will feel the thread unseat, and gently twist and pull out. It’s a lot like twisting out a light bulb. Then twist back in to another FlexJet of the same size. Each FlexJet has from one to seven different jets within the FlexJet ‘massage insert’, allowing you to create the number of jet streams that you want. 



Q: Can I get other options for my Beachcomber? 

A: Beachcomber offers a line of accessories that you can get to enhance your hot tub experience. Plus, you can upgrade certain options that can be added to your existing hot tub. All Beachcomber Hybrid3 Hot Tubs are pre-plumbed for the ClearTech UVC water care system option. When ordering a Beachcomber Hot Tub as a LEEP Portable be sure to order Beachcomber's ClearTech UVC Water Care Ready option. 

* requires the Hush Pump option. 



Q: How long should my Heatshield Cover last?

A: Your Beachcomber Heatshield Cover should last from 3 to 5 years, depending on the weather, snow load, local conditions, usage and many other factors. Ensure that there are no extra loads on your hot tub Heatshield, like a sleeping dog, or other weight. Do not allow children to climb on, sit or stand on your hot tub Heatshield. Observing common sense and caring for your hot tub cover will help it last and perform for you for many years. Beachcomber’s water care product called ‘CoverAll’ is a specially formulated protectant and cleaner that you can use on your Heatshield to keep it clean, free of mold or mildew, and looking new for years to come. 



Q: Where do I drain my hot tub water? 

A: The water from your Beachcomber Hot Tub can be drained directly on your grass, away from the hot tub. The ground can absorb the water as it drains. One thing to ensure before you drain the hot tub is to neutralize any active sanitizer that may be in the water. This is accomplished with Beachcomber’s Water Care Product “NeutrAll”. Follow the directions on the label, and add directly to the water. Be careful to follow the directions, as adding more than the recommended amount can continue to neutralize the sanitizer after you refill the hot tub. Follow the dosage on the label for your hot tub. After adding directly to the circulating water, let it circulate for an hour to ensure any active sanitizer is neutralized. Then drain away! 



Q: How often should I change my Microfilter? 

A: Your Microfilter should be rinsed once a week. Depending on how often you use your hot tub, and how many people are using it, you may want to rinse more often. If you are enjoying your hot tub more than three times a week, you can rinse twice a week. If you are using Beachcomber’s Care Free water care program, be sure to rinse your Microfilter one per week. Your Microfilter should last from two to four years. We recommend having a spare, so that when one is in use, the other can be available for replacement and/or cleaning. 



Q: How do I clean the internal plumbing? 

A: Beachcomber’s product called Deep Clean 5 is an effective internal pipe cleaner. Always follow the directions on the label. Regular shocking and simple maintenance of your hot tub, to keep water clean will also help to keep internal plumbing clean. But if the hot tub is under heavy use, super-chlorination is in order to rid the water of biofilm and any buildup in the pipes. Check the formula in your Owner’s Guide for draining recommendations; we recommend on a rule of thumb, to drain about every three months under normal use. A fresh water fill to start again can solve a lot of cloudy water problems. We don’t recommend that your hot tub be left unattended for periods of time. 



Q: Do I prepare my hot tub for the cold weather? 

A: There is no need to prepare your hot tub for winter. But if you are going away for an extended period, it’s best to leave your hot tub running and heated while you are away. Having a friend stop by your home as you would anyway is a good idea to check on things while you are away. A LEEP hot tub or a Hybrid3 hot tub is designed to run in any weather, in all seasons. With 3 wall insulation system in LEEP, and the 4 wall insulation system in Hybrid3, you get the very best in energy efficiency and protection from the cold. In areas where there is a large snowfall expected, ensuring that there is not an undue amount of weight on the hot tub cover, a sheet of plywood to cover the hot tub can help to distribute the weight. This is not common, but under a very heavy snow load can carry a lot of pounds, and could damage your hot tub cover or your hot tub. If you have questions, you can call any one of Beachcomber’s Development Centres to talk to a Beachcomber Care person, or call your local Beachcomber Store for more information. 



Q: How do I get rid of cloudy water? 

A: Cloudy water can happen in a hot tub from time to time, if there has been a lot of people using it, or if the hot tub has been left for extended periods without shocking. If your hot tub water is cloudy, try rinsing the Microfilter first, and adding Spa Blue, and waiting about an hour. Then shock the water with the sanitizer you are using, and leave the cover half open for about a half hour. If cloudy water persists, it may be time to drain the hot tub depending on how old the water is. If you have more questions about cloudy water, call any one of Beachcomber’s Development Centres to talk to a Beachcomber Care person, or call your local Beachcomber Store for help. 


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