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salt hot tubs

Salt water hot tubs: are they your best option?

Have you ever considered adding salt to your hot tub water? Salt water hot tubs offer an alternative method to keeping your hot tub clean. They are becoming widely popular among hot tub owners for a variety of reasons. But, are they the best option? When most people hear the term “salt water hot tub” they will most often associate it with a chemical-free cleaning solution. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Misconceptions about how salt water works to provide a natural chlorination process for your hot tub exist, but they're simply not true. Salt water hot tubs operate using vast amounts of both bromine and chlorine salts. Meaning, your hot tub then has to work harder to break down and convert these chemical salts into usable bromine or chlorine. This is hardly a chemical-free solution. The system within your hot tub simply can’t keep up with this slow process, which results in water that hasn’t been treated effectively. You can end up with hot tub water that contains either too much chlorine or bromine, or not enough. Regrettably, this often results in a hot tub that simply isn’t enjoyable or safe to use anymore. Therefore, by introducing a salt water system, you not only put any hot tub users at risk with water that isn’t safe and clean, but it may also cause your hot tub to pay the ultimate price as well.


In addition to how much harder the system has to work, salt water can also have a negative effect on both the internal and external components of your hot tub. Salt water has proven to be corrosive against metal components, including but not limited to heaters, electronic components, and pump motors. Not only does this put you and your hot tub at risk for costly repairs or part replacements, but it can also impact the longevity of your spa significantly. 



ULTRA START™ is a liquid formulation of bromide based salts which create a saline bank and act as part A of a bromine sanitizer system when used in conjunction with Part B, ULTRA SHOCK™.  ULTRA SHOCK™ is an effective non-chlorine oxidizer as part B of a bromine sanitizer system which provides bromine sanitation when used with part A, and controls bacteria and algae in hot tub waters. The ULTRA system is a salt based system combined with a non-chlorine oxidizer for the hot tub user who appreciates a more natural system and likes to keep a close eye on the balancing and testing of their hot tub.

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