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Installation Tips:


So, you’ve decided to buy a hot tub. Now, the big question is where are you going to put it? And what do you need to do to make sure it is safe and stable?

At Solara Hot Tubs & Patio we want to ensure your hot tub is placed exactly where you want it. This is why we have a Site Survey Template. In addition, our trained sales staff will come out to your home to measure and place your hot tub.

There are some important things to consider. We’ve put together this handy list to help.


Creating the Right Environment:

  • How will you use your hot tub? If your hot tub is mainly used for family recreation, be sure to leave plenty of room around it for activity and lawn furniture. If you will use it for relaxation and therapy, you’ll probably want to create a specific mood around it.

  • Consider your privacy: It’s nice to make your hot tub a sanctuary from neighbours. Think of your hot tub’s surroundings throughout the year as you determine your best privacy options. Consider your neighbors’ desire for privacy as well.
    Trees or shrubs are an effective solution, but remember that those that shed their leaves in winter won’t provide much privacy. A trellis is a popular choice. For an elegant privacy solution, we carry a stylish selection of gazebos.

  • Provide a view with your hot tub: Think about the direction you will be facing when sitting in your hot tub. Do you have a special landscaping feature in your yard that you find enjoyable? Perhaps there is an area that catches a soothing breeze during the day or a lovely sunset in the evening.


Planning the Best Location for your Hot Tub:

  • Placement: A hot tub should fit into your yard or deck, not overwhelm it. After all, you’re creating a private place protected from the elements where you can soak in peace and quiet.We have found that it’s best to place your hot tub slightly off center in your yard within 10 – 20 feet of whatever door to your house you’ll use most frequently when you’re going to or leaving your hot tub. It could be the back door, or a door to the deck, or the door to your master bedroom.

  • Safety is critical: Do not place your hot tub within 10 feet (3m) of overhead power lines. Make sure it is positioned so that you have access to the equipment compartment.


Preparing a Good Foundation:

  • Your hot tub needs a solid, level foundation. It’s very important to have your hot tub placed on a level surface spot that will support the weight over the long term.


Recommended foundation materials:

  • Concrete Pad 4″ or thicker

  • Wood Decking with concrete foundation

  • Sidewalk Blocks

  • Interlocking Bricks

  • Gravel Pad

  • Railway Ties






Moving your Hot Tub?


All hot tubs we sell are fully portable. If you move, simply take it with you. It is a fully integrated unit; all you need is a flat level spot, an electrical line, and water from a garden hose. If you are looking to move your hot tub, call our store for a free quote 780-448-9815.

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