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Have you ever considered adding salt to your hot tub water? Salt water hot tubs offer an alternative method to keeping your hot tub clean. They are becoming widely popular among hot tub owners for a variety of reasons. But, are they the best option? When most people hear the term “salt water hot tub” they will most often associate it with a chemical-free cleaning solution. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Misconceptions that salt water works to provide a natural chlorination process for your hot tub exist, but that’s simply not true. Salt water hot tubs operate using vast amounts of both bromine and chlorine salts. Your hot tub then has to work harder to break down and convert these chemical salts into usable bromine or chlorine. Hardly a chemical-free solution. The system within your hot tub simply can’t keep up with this slow process, which results in water that hasn’t been treated effectively. You can end up with hot tub water that contains either too much chlorine or bromine, or not enough.

Unfortunately, this often results in a hot tub that simply isn’t enjoyable or safe to use anymore. By introducing a salt water system, you not only put any hot tub users at risk with water that isn’t safe and clean, but your hot tub may pay the price as well. In addition to how much harder the system has to work, salt water can also have a negative effect on the internal and external components. The salt water has proven to be corrosive against metal components, including but not limited to heaters, electronic components, and pump motors. Not only does this put you and your hot tub at risk for costly repairs or part replacements, but it can also impact the longevity of your spa.

Introducing the CLEARTECH® Water Purification System Lucky for you, Beachcomber Hot Tubs can come equipped with a cutting-edge purification system. The CLEARTECH® Water System utilizes exclusive ultraviolet technology, which enables it to deliver clean and safe water. Ultraviolet light is used to clean and sanitize the water throughout your system. It’s the same modern and effective technology that’s used worldwide to provide clean and safe water. Industries including bottling and beverage manufacturers, municipal waste water plants, and even throughout the healthcare sector, use these systems each and every day.

The CLEARTECH® system uses a simple and effective process to provide your Beachcomber Hot Tub with clear and useable water, instantly. Within only mere seconds of water entering the CLEARTECH® System, 99.9% of water-borne bacteria is eliminated. This leaves bacteria with no opportunity for growth, ultimately providing your system with long-lasting protection. This system is faster and more effective than traditional water care systems. Not only that, it’s also eco-friendly. So, you can feel confident while using a system that is geared towards preserving the environment. You can enjoy the sparkling water within your hot tub, all without worrying about your skin drying out or eyes becoming itchy and red. You can feel confident that your spa is using a system built for excellence. Simply sit back and relax, as your entire body enjoys the benefits of the refreshing and glistening water.

Salt Water Facts

The words ‘salt water hot tub’ are a bit deceiving. When people hear ‘salt water’ usually their first thought is; “Oh good, a chemical- free system.” Unfortunately, that’s not true. Salt water systems work by dumping large amounts of either bromine salts or chlorine salts into your hot tub. The system uses an electric current to, very slowly, convert the chemical salts to usable bromine (or chlorine).

All this boils down to a not-so-chemical-free system. And, because the conversion from salt to sanitizer is so slow, the system often fails to keep up with family use because of the added demand on the system. The end result is either too much chlorine/bromine, or not enough – leading to over-chlorinated or dirty, slimy tubs. 



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